Tubular Chipboard


Tubular chipboard (hollow core chipboard) is a kind of chipboard which has tube holes inside. During the production, we are gluing small wood pieces and than we press them with high pressure and heat.  After this process, we obtain very strength chipboard sheets.


We are leading manufacturer company of tubular chipboard. Our factory is located in Kastamonu, north coast of Turkey. Our indoor plant is 12,000 sqm and outdoor plant is 285,000 sqm. We have modern machines and equipments with skilled workers. We are producing wood products like solid furnitures, wooden doors, frames, chipboards during last 50 years. We have good experince in producing of solid wooden doors, solid furnitures, HDF moulded wooden interior doors, hollow core chipboard, fire rated doors and tubular chipboard door (hollow chipboard doors).

Tubular chipboard sheets (hollow chipboard sheet) is about %50-60 lighter than solid wood doors. Lighter chipboard sheets are cutting, processing and using easily. The cost of hollow core chipboard is lower than solid wood. So customers prefer to use chipboard sheets.

tubular chipboard,hollow chipboard

tubular chipboard,hollow chipboard


We are using chipboard sheets for manufacturing wooden interior door, for seperating rooms, walls and floors and decorations. Chipboard sheet is using for isolating sound and heat. If we produce door frame from tubular chipboad, weight is lighter than solid wood doors.

Decoration companies buys tubular chipboard sheets for arranging rooms, seperating them, covering walls and floors. Hollow sheet is isolating sound and heat. It decrease consumption of energy for heating and cooling and saving money. Tubular sheets are very strong and protect itself without any hazard for many years. It is easily paint with any colors you want. Another type of tubular chipboard is covered with melamine or venered chipboards.

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